Top 10 L-Theanine Benefits: Best Reasons to drink more Tea

Today, tea is very much available in different variations - iced tea, milk tea, and the good old hot tea in tea bags. No wonder that every day, more and more people are having a sip of the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Drinking tea is refreshing, relaxing, and actually very healthy, thanks to a very active amino acid called L-theanine. L-theanine is a very special amino acid. It is non-protein, meaning it doesn't form protein structures despite being considered as one of the "building blocks of proteins". No other plant contains L-theanine except for the camellia sinensis or the tea plant, especially green tea. And this tea-exclusive amino acid is responsible for 10 L-theanine benefits that will make you drink more tea for healing, disease prevention, and overall health.

1. Natural Anti-anxiety. If you feel anxious for both known and unknown reasons, drinking tea rich in L-theanine can help you feel relaxed and calm. It is a neurologically-active amino acid affecting the chemicals in the brain to control your anxious moments. Clinical tests suggest that L-theanine regulates brain chemicals responsible for mood such as Serotonin, Gamma-amminobutyric Acid (GABA), and Norepinehprine.

2. Natural Antidepressant. Depression often goes along with anxiety and vice versa. If you're often depressed due to a disease, hormonal problems, stress, family issues, financial problems, or clinically diagnosed with depression, L-theanine in tea or from L-theanine supplements may help you achieve a more positive mood. L-theanine works for depression the same way it works for anxiety, affecting neurotransmitters.

3. Memory booster. Both long term and short term memory loss can benefit from natural L-theanine. Drinking tea or taking L-theanine supplements can be beneficial for the elderly who usually suffer from long term memory. It can also be used by younger individuals who want to excel in school and at work with a sharp memory. Researches even suggest that L-theanine also increases attentiveness and focus.

4. Stress reliever. Another healing power of L-theanine is reducing stress without causing drowsiness and other harmful side effects. Stress may be a natural part of life but chronic stress can lead to health problems like ulcers, immune suppression, heart diseases, asthma, and many others.

5. Immune Booster. Stress, pollution, smoking, alcoholism, and unhealthy diet all weaken the immune system. A weak immune system leads to recurrent viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Consuming oral L-theanine supplements has proven to modulate the immune cells to fight the disease-causing microorganisms.

6. Anti-hypertensive. By lowering the levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, Theanine prevents hypertension. Norepinephrine regulates blood pressure and high levels of it circulating in the brain increases systolic blood pressure.

7. Natural sleeping pills. L-theanine benefits people having trouble sleeping by generating a relaxed and calm state, which significantly contributes to the feelings of sleepiness.

8. Relieves Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. Many women suffer from the discomforts of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome including uterine cramps, mood swings, bloatedness, back pains, headaches, and many others. A study in Japan confirmed that women taking 200 mg of L-theanine have reduced PMS symptoms.

9. Skin care. L-theanine is being used as an active ingredient to skin care products to promote a healthier skin. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin to achieve a more youthful, flawless, and glowing skin.

10. Anti-cancer. L-theanine appears to exhibit beneficial effects to cancer patients, especially those undergoing chemotherapy. Theanine works by helping to concentrate the chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells, away from healthy cells. It also helps patients to lesser feel the effects of chemotherapy through its calming and relaxing effects.

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